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Treasurer’s Report – November 2015

Young Eagles has gone to a quarterly schedule. Please check website for dates.

Young Eagles flights are flown the quarterly at Carson City Airport.  Poor weather conditions or poor visibility will cancel the event and, in the event that an event is canceled, Chapter 403 will make a concerted effort to do a make-up event as soon as possible thereafter. The next regularly scheduled Y.E. event is October […]

Young Eagles Event of November 14th 2015

Treasurer’s Report – October 2015

The B17 Aluminum Overcast

The B17 Aluminum Overcast visited Carson City Airport and was sponsored by the EAA403. It was quit a sight, giving rides and tours. The plane arrived around 3 PM on Monday September 21. Early Tuesday morning, Channel 11 news in Reno, had us on the news at 7:00, 7:30 and 8:00 AM promoting the event, […]

Treasurer’s Report – September 2015