EAA General Meeting Minutes May 6, 2015

Called to Order at 6:45 pm by Dennis Koehl, President Introduction of Guests –  Paul from England, guest of Michelle and Bret Bellard       Zack from the Boy Scouts ( will make a presentation later in the meeting) Young Eagle Report   Michelle invites everyone to join us for our next YE flight day on this […]

EAA General Meeting Minutes April 1, 2015

1 April 2015   Meeting called to order at 6:50 PM by President Dennis Koehl 17 individuals in attendance   Regular meeting minutes as taken in the Chapter’s meeting room, Carson City Airport   Treasurer’s Report Larry Grant’s treasurer’s report ended March 31, 2015   General Account      $5,291.45 Young Eagles            2, 034.32 PayPal (Bank)          […]

EAA General Meeting Minutes March 4, 2015

Called to Order at 6:40 pm by Dennis Koehl, President Young Eagle Report   Michelle reported that we flew 32 kids in Feb. and our next event is on March 14th.  A request was made to revamp the pilot briefing during the time the kids are receiving their briefing inside the terminal with weather and […]

EAA 403 General Meeting Minutes Feb 4, 2015

Called to Order at 6:45 pm by Dennis Koehl, President         33 people in attendance Move to approve minutes from January 7th meeting. Approved by Tracy, seconded by Mike.  Compliments to Larry for creation of current format for Treasurer report. Motion to approve by Hal, seconded by Jackson Website Update Tracy is moving forward with migrating […]

EAA 403 General Meeting Minutes Jan 7, 2015

Called to Order at 6:55 pm by Dennis Koehl, President Welcome to all and Happy New Year! We’re excited for the 2015 and the year to come. We want to thank Bob and Carol Dickenson for all their excellent work over the past years and are sorry that Bob is home ill and Carol is […]

EAA Board Meeting Minutes June 29, 2015

These minutes are out with the Board for clarification of several points but will be posted as soon as the questions have been answered!   Tannis Causey