EAA 403 Board Meeting Minutes August 3, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Dennis Koehl , President at EAA chapter room. Board members in attendance Dennis, Mike Reynolds, Tracy Rhodes, Tannis Causey, Chris Causey, Gary Follette. Missing Larry Grant due to his recent resignation of the role of Treasurer.

Item –New Treasurer Candidate

Dennis invited Cathy Beach to join us today. She has been affiliated with the chapter for many years, supporting Kyle, her son, in the YE program and is interested in becoming more involved. Her background is in Casino Security but is currently working for a friend’s manufacturing company. She is familiar with Quickbooks. After a short interview, the Board is comfortable with her assuming this role. Nomination was made by Tracy with second by Gary. None opposed. Welcome to Cathy Beach, EAA 403 Treasurer for the balance of current term.

Item – Financial Reporting

Based on the work Larry has already done to create a single documentation for our EAA books using the records he was given and Quickbooks. He will need to meet with Cathy to transfer the records and give her some training on how to proceed. Gary has been making deposits and buying food for our events since Larry’s resignation.

Item – Bi7 Visit

Tuesday Sept 22nd. Dennis has spoken with the pilot and has found that due to the mechanical config of the plane, there is a maximum temperature/ air density of 80 degrees for flights. If the weather is too warm, we will not be able to fly people, only have ground tours.

A suggestion was made to host a raffle for a seat(s) as a chapter fundraiser. Cost $10 would need to sell 45 tickets for breakeven and 90 for a 100% profit. Higher ticket price of $25 at 40 tickets?

Item – Food Service

Lidia is back from her car accident and has a new vehicle to get back and forth to Carson. Dennis proposed that we do something to thank her at our holiday party but Gary thinks she won’t accept. Thursday lunches are being run by Gary, Lidia, Sue and sometimes Larry. Gary expressed concern that the Board Members do not come to enough Thursday lunches and other meals but was reminded that many board members work during the week and are not available to come and hang out like many of our retired members are. They are present at YE events and at pancake breakfasts and general meetings.

Gary also brought up that he had located a used 3 well sink online and discussion ensued about how we could temporarily install it using existing clean and grey water lines. In any updated kitchen configuration we pursue, having a 3 well sink is critical to our being able to maintain a kitchen suitable for selling food prepared on site. A motion was made to allocate up to $400 for the sink and point-of-use water heater. Motion made by Gary, seconded by Chris. All in favor, none opposed.



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Item – Pancake Breakfast

A suggestion was made to leverage the folks that come to the YE event and have a pancake breakfast at the same time. Time to start at 7:30 AM. Discussion result was that we will add this item to the agenda for the next general chapter meeting and ask their thoughts. Normally there would not be a pancake breakfast in Sept due to the Air Races but this would be an opportunity to host one if the tables and chairs we loan to the event can be taken up on Sat following the breakfast. At this time, we would also like to sell an EAA 403 membership for $10 through the end of the year which would include a breakfast. There was also discussion on having members take on the cooking and serving of pancake breakfasts so that the lunch team could take a break. Tannis, Chris, Cathy and Kyle have volunteered for Sept breakfast.

Item – Reno Air Races

Please contact Donna directly to sign up for volunteer shifts. Her phone number is 846-6226 and email is hseafury@aol.com. She and Steve will not be able to join us on Wed as they will be out of town. Our chapter will receive $2400 and shifts will be 3 hours long and you will still receive a 1 week pass if you work 3 shifts during the week, and there is an extra need for late night shifts during some of the evening events.. Each of 7 gates will need tending each day between 7am and 5 pm, and between Sunday Sept 13 and 20th.   There will be an Appreciation Lunch for volunteers provided by Donna and donations are needed for that. Water is always welcome!

Item – WIFI at chapter house

Chris C will take the lead on pursuing a vendor to bring WIFI back into the building. Sky Fiber.com is a possibility as is AT&T once we figure out what the address was in their former system. Dennis suggested that the street name may be Graves Lane not College Parkway. Chris will focus on this late in August due to travel schedule.   Mike donated another $60 from his flight reviews to be used for WIFI service.

Item – Hawthorne YE Event

Tony Tipton has spoken with Dennis about an opportunity to do this event again. A suggestion was made to reduce the educational portion of the visit based on previous visits but we should still expect 60-80 kids. A suggestion was made to bring down the Ground Bound for smaller kids to ride and to have Kyle bring out the Quad Copter drone. We’d have to check into FAA regs for the drone but it would be a nice addition. Friday would be the in-school presentations, Saturday for flights. Possible dates for Hawthorne are weekends of Oct 17 or 24. Note to avoid last weekend in Oct as it is Nevada Day and school closed on 10/30.

While on the subject of YE program, it was noted that most of what we do revolves around working with kids and Michelle, as YE coordinator and a valuable member of the team, should be invited to participate in the Board Meetings. It is true that many of the activities involving kids are presented to Michelle after board discussion and she should be more of the initial conversation, not what has been decided. Tannis will be added to the agenda to have this conversation at the general meeting on Wed.


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Item – Membership List on Website

Tracy reports that the list on our website is inaccurate and needs to be addressed. During her time training with Larry, it was decided that Cathy would pull a list of paid members to compare with the site and would learn how to do the updates with Tracy. Tracy gets random requests for membership off the web but if he doesn’t get any follow up, he doesn’t pursue them.

Item – Keys/ Credit Cards

Gary is requesting a credit card in his name to facilitate his buying food for events. He has Larry’s card now, as Larry gave it to him when he resigned and he has also been making deposits. Dennis is not concerned about trust of Gary but voiced that he would have to think about this. Tannis added that for most boards, only officers should have access to banking and therefore debit/credit cards. Suggestion was made to set up a petty cash situation, either with cash or a prepaid VISA card might be the solution, with replenishment being made once receipts had been turned in and approved by the Treasurer.

Item – Election of Officers

Dennis brought up that is close to the time to solicit applications for next year’s board but hopes that the current board would consider running for another year as this has been a year of change and we’re just starting to overcome many of the bad decisions made previously. A change of board at this time would potentially set back the forward motion. A decision was made to bring this up at the chapter meeting on Wed., Aug 5.


Dates to mark for next month …. EAA 403 Board Meeting Minutes                       8/3/2015   Cont’d   page 2

August 8 YE flights      August 15 Pancake Breakfast

Meeting adjourned by Dennis K at 8:25 pm. Minutes respectfully submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary