EAA 403 Board Meeting Minutes June 29, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm by Dennis Koehl , President at EAA chapter room. All board members in attendance.


Pancake breakfast served 156 people, grossing $936. Larry will have the final net revenue once all expenses are paid but it was a success. The line moved quickly when there was one and all seemed pleased. One EAA membership was sold. Charity flights took in $595. Thanks to Bob Dickenson and ken Kopec for flying and Chris Causey who did the weight and balance sign ins for making this happen. The Ground Bound had an early mechanical issue but came back strong and made $91 combined with YE donations. Next year we need to work on where the load/unload area is as there was significant noise and smoke hitting the area where the YE/ EAA table volunteers were trying to talk to those who stopped. Mike R brought out the small blue plane for photos once his parachute ground activities were done and then sold water from the back of his golf cart. One note, Mike Reynolds does not want to be involved with the parachute jump next year as there were too many last minute changes and they missed the targets and used the wrong type of chute. On a brighter note, Wendell Pea’s actions as the Air Boss were well appreciated and he did a great job.

Dennis expressed his pleasure and thanks for all the great work ALL our members provided to make the event a success!

Item – B17 Visit

Based on our performance with the Ford Trimotor, EAA has offered our chapter the opportunity to have the Aluminum Overcast visit Carson City on Sept 22, 2015. Yes, it is a week day but the EAA will handle all the marketing for the visit. We should do all we can to help but they target specific groups and individuals for the visit. Our chapter will receive $25 or $50 for each sold seat. Walk through tours begin at $10 for veterans groups and $20 for families. Flights begin at $409 for vets and active duty military and there are discounts for EAA members booking online in advance. Tannis will put together a press release and media list to do some personal marketing.

A suggestion was made to host a raffle for a seat(s) as a chapter fundraiser. Cost $10 would need to sell 45 tickets for breakeven and 90 for a 100% profit. Higher ticket price of $25 at 40 tickets?

Item – Reno Air Races

Steve and Donna met with Dennis to discuss change our participation. The organization has a new CEO, recently hired and only 2 or 3 admin type paid staff. They can offer $2400 and shifts will be 3 hours long and you will still receive a 1 week pass if you work 3 shifts during the week, and there is an extra need for late night shifts during some of the evening events.. Each of 7 gates will need tending each day between 7am and 5 pm, and between Sunday Sept 13 and 20th.   There will be an Appreciation Lunch for volunteers provided by Donna and donations are needed for that. Water is always welcome!

Donna will send out a letter to all persons in her database and then send a copy to Dennis to be emailed to all members and posted on our website. Sign ups for specific times will go directly to Donna.


EAA 403 Board Minutes    6/29/2015

Item – WIFI at chapter house

We are still down. Discussion on whether we need this service. Mike R believes it’s needed for members and to attract new people. Concern about our liability for what others using it have downloaded ( we may have had had a problem in the past). Tracy has a site OPEN DNS that can block inappropriate content. Votes were 5 to provide and 2 non-votes. Dennis has not had luck finding us with AT &T so Chris has offered to do some calling to see what choices are available and will report out at next board meeting.

Tannis brought up that whatever we do, we should have a consistent phone number to give people to ask questions. She works with another group that has a GOOGLE phone number that is virtual and can be directed to ring a different cell phone as we choose. Group vote was to pursue this.

Item – Chapter Building

Our building is in need of repairs and has not been a priority for previous El Aero owners. Specifically needed is a new roof. The plan to build a new chapter building is too grand for our current ability to fundraise. Most board members were in agreement on this. Based on the changes going forward with the sale of El Aero, Dennis contacted Michael Golden, the new owner. He has interests in the fuel farm at CC and at Lake Tahoe and is a very large YE supporter. Dennis would like meet with him to discuss exchanging the current chapter building plus cash( $15K?) in exchange for El Aero taking full control of the electricity upgrade from this point forward and collecting the final monies from those who choose to electrify their space. This would place us as the owners for the building and allow us to make significant changes to the configuration inside (build a better kitchen with plumbing, remodel restrooms and bring back the library). An addition of a 40’ square (20’ x40’?) hangar where our building ends now that would allow our build project to move forward with the space needed for assembly. Members in attendance were in favor of having Dennis start the dialogue and see where it goes. Mike R would like to be at the meeting – Dennis would like to have the first conversation without additional board representatives but will advise what Michael’s availability is.

Dates to mark for next month   July 11th YE flights (all the kids that came on June 21 who we had to deny flying due to weather changes may be coming to this date)

July 18th Pancake breakfast

Meeting adjourned by Dennis K at 8:10 pm. Minutes respectfully submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary

****Next meeting requested to be moved to Monday August 3rd at 6 pm to accommodate travel back from OshKosh by several board members. See you then ! ****