EAA 403 Board Meeting Minutes May 26, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by Dennis Koehl , President at EAA chapter room. All members in attendance.

Previous meeting minutes approved by Larry G and seconded by Tracy R. Motion carried by all.


Pancake breakfast is ready to go, led by Larry and his team. Start time is 7 am and we anticipate around 200 attendees. Larry has created a new banner that will offer a free breakfast to anyone who signs up as an EAA Member for the current rate of $14.00. Cost will be $6.00 per person and will include cakes, sausage and drinks (OJ and coffee).  Set up for the buffet line will be the night previous. Cooking to begin at 6 am.  A suggestion was made to use the large coffee pots to minimize circuit overload in the serving area.  Larry thinks he may need and additional 2 volunteers to help replenish and serve at the buffet. Tannis will ask if RSVP can find people to help as a thank you for EAA help at the beer booth.

Young Eagle/ EAA info table is ready to go.  Waiting for Mike R to provide a copy of the aerial photos used during the CC Chamber of Commerce fly day to use as a entertainment aspect while parents wait to sign up for Ground Bound rides. Larry to provide the remaining Glen Eagle gift card as a prize following the event.  Young Eagles will be signed up for flying Sunday June 21 or at a future date.

Mike R is finishing up the last paperwork and other needed items for the parachute jumps which will occur at 10 am. Mike will be unavailable prior to that time as he preps between 8:30 and 10 am.

Due to the issues with securing a hangar, the hangar dance has been tabled as a fundraiser until another time.

Charity flights are a go. Insurance from EAA has been requested by Bob D as he is the lead for the event.  Bob can take 5, Mike R and Mike F to be available as well ( Mike R once his parachute task is completed).  Cost should be $25 or $30 per seat. Do we offer a discount for kids or is a seat a seat? Where does Tim plan to place this? We prefer it close to our chapter building and the other things we are showing.

Item – Ford Trimotor Visit

The advance packets for our marketing have arrived including large vinyl banners for display. Please take some and make sure you place them around town(s) to let others know what a wonderful chance this is to visit and even take a ride in the plane.  Dennis and Tannis  are exploring opportunities for sponsorship.  Jones West Ford, Capital Ford, Harrahs and local businesses with ties to the plane are all possible targets.  $1500 is rewarded with 7 rides plus event sponsorship. Friday morning is spec’d as Media Day and we have provided a list of local print, online, radio and TV stations for the EAA HQ team to contact.  A hangar has been secured, courtesy of John Siebold. Tannis working on comped rooms for 2 people for 4 nights with Gold Dust West Casino and a loaner car for the crew while in town with Carson City Toyota.

We also need volunteers for flight line… 4/shifts, 4 shifts per day.  Dennis to send out request to chapter membership.


May 26 2015 Board Minutes cont’d

Item- Stead Young Eagles

June 27th. Can we help out? They are experiencing the same problem as 403… small group of folks who help with limited help from other chapter members.

Item – RSVP donation of $300 to chapter for Mother’s Day Beer Booth help. As always, Tannis and RSVP are grateful for EAA assistance manning the booth.

Item- Hangar Electric

The Late Fred Albers paid $1125 towards the cost of electric. Hangar has now been sold. Going rate is now $2500. Discussion was heavy on what to do… refund his widow the money he paid?  Charge the new owner the whole amount? Discount him by $1125? No decision made.

Item – Food Service

Larry proposed offering Lidia a stipend of $100 per month to offset her gas cost to drive to the chapter from Dayton at least once per week. Approved by Larry, Seconded by Mike R. Motion carried with no abstains.

Item- Holiday Party   Dennis asked for ideas on locations for this year’s event. Red’s was good but we seem to have outgrown the room. Group will be 40-50 people and we want to keep the lunch at around $15 per head. Fandango was a popular choice, we just need to negotiate out the cost of private room rental that was an issue last year.  Date ideas  Dec 6 or 13th Sunday afternoon from 11-2 pm.

Meeting adjourned by Dennis K at  7:50 pm.  Minutes respectfully submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary

Next meeting June 29th at EAA chapter house, 6 pm.