EAA 403 General Meeting Minutes Feb 4, 2015

Called to Order at 6:45 pm by Dennis Koehl, President         33 people in attendance

Move to approve minutes from January 7th meeting. Approved by Tracy, seconded by Mike.  Compliments to Larry for creation of current format for Treasurer report. Motion to approve by Hal, seconded by Jackson

Website Update

Tracy is moving forward with migrating our website to hosting by BlueHost. The Board will review the site at their next meeting. Start thinking about anything you think should be placed on the website.

CC Airport Open House

Mark your calendar for Sat., June 20th . EAA will have several events that day

Pancake Breakfast – start serving at 7 am for volunteers and others there prior to actual event opening to public. Close of breakfast at 10:30 or 11 am latest. Watch for a sign up sheet at April general meeting. Some people will be needed to precook sausage at home and keep it hot in a slow cooker or other electric applicance.

Young Eagle Flights – Begin at 8 am but there will not be a long orientation for them that day, just enough safety training to meet the needs. Remember that Michelle and Jackson will not be there as that is the week they are in Oshkosh for camp. Diane Olvera and Cathy Beach have volunteered to train as back up coordinators for YE events. A meeting will be scheduled before 2/14 event where they will shadow Carol and Michelle then they will run the 3/14 date.

Hangar Dance – Planned for the night of the open house.  250 attendees Ticket cost $20 per couple or $15 for a single  6 to 11 pm or 7 to 11 pm

Size of hangar (has equipment on sides that won’t move) and will need to be covered. How many tables will that contain? Where are they coming from? Free? Rented? Cost?


Band – Mike has contacted the dance band that Doug Conner plays with and they are tebtatively booked for 2-3 hrs. DJ needs to be booked for before and for band breaks.

Swing Dance Contest- Entry fee of $5.00 per person. Local pro groups will be joining us, we hope. Prize for winners TBD

Alcohol – RSVP has agreed to provide up to 4 types of draft beer ( small kegs or bottles depending on the number of tickets sold) and they will provide the alcohol permit, insurance rider and volunteers to sell the beer and/wine. RSVP will retain the profit generated from alcohol sales at the event.  Additional daiquiri or margarita machine TBD by whom

Silent Auction –                 Think about who you know in the local merchant and business community and ask them if they will donate something of value for our auction.  It’s best to have a range of prize value so everyone has something they can bid on. If you have something new and unused, please see Tannis to see if it’s something we can add to the silent auction.

Food – Mike related that at a previous dance, there was too much food prepared and then thrown away. One way to take the risk away from purchasing too much food would be to have 1-3 food trucks join us to provide dinner plates to those that want them. Discussion about plate prices and menu being set with limited variation. Also considered was donated food or just having cheese/ meat/ fruit trays and other snacks available. Dessert auction or cake walk?

Pancake Breakfasts

Carol and Bob are the cooks for March 21st. Tannis and Chris Causey are up for April 18th. Who can plan to be our cooks for May 16th?

Hangar Electrification Project

Basic infrastructure is in place and it is now up to individual hangar owners to bring the electricity from the junction to their own location. Each person that decides to do that will pay $2500 directly to our EAA chapter besides carrying the cost of any additional extra work.  Owners have been notified. Question was posed as to when we can expect this money to start coming in? No response from Bob D or any other previous board member.

Upcoming Events

Shades of Blue    Our chapter has been approached to partner with them as a location and host for a 7 week workshop for 15-21 yr olds using the Sporty’s Ground School/ FAA written test. It will be on Saturday mornings from 10 am to Noon beginning 2/14 and ending 3/28 in the Airport Terminal. Mike R, Tracy and Dennis have agreed to volunteer some of their time to join their lineup of speakers and instructors.  Lf you’d like more info, please contact Michelle Bellard.

Louise Hose would like to set up a YE event in conjunction with the Dayton Valley Airpark Open House next fall. General membership was in support of that happening but a comment was made from Bob D. that they would need to provide insurance.

Mike R is planning to fly CC leaders like Mayor Bob and others through the CC Leadership Class he’s in. More to come on this as he’ll need additional pilots that day.  See him to sign up and for more information.


March 21   A group of kids from Reno are coming down for YE from Honors Academy of Literature. Dennis and Tracy will make a presentation to them at their school on March 20.


A letter of request has been sent by Mike ? to see if a copier could be donated to the chapter. Tannis also found an ad in the Appeal for a free copier to any non-profit that can use it. She’ll follow up tomorrow.

Dennis adjourned meeting at 7:15 pm to introduce our guest speaker, Paul Dye. Once it is complete, Tracy will be uploading the presentation to our new website.

Minutes taken and submitted  by Tannis Causey, Secretary