EAA 403 General Meeting Minutes Jan 7, 2015

Called to Order at 6:55 pm by Dennis Koehl, President

Welcome to all and Happy New Year! We’re excited for the 2015 and the year to come. We want to thank Bob and Carol Dickenson for all their excellent work over the past years and are sorry that Bob is home ill and Carol is taking care of him. They leave big shoes to fill but with everyone’s help, and the engagement of all chapter members we know we’ll succeed.

In the coming year, driving increased membership needs to be our focus especially to younger members and families as they have energy and can bring new ideas and drive. We are the only flying activity club in the area.  A good example is the Bellard family… Jackson is highly involved in the YE program and helps Michelle each month. We’re excited to send him to Oshkosh camp this summer and that was paid courtesy of our YE program. Our outreach also needs to reach those who are interested in flying but who may not own planes or even fly.  Causeys are an example there.  Concern was raised that younger members were made to feel unwelcome on visits and they didn’t come again. We need to be conscious of this during hosted events and not just talk to our friends of many years.

We need increased visibility for our EAA chapter in the local area and certainly to airports around the immediate area.

In past years, we have conducted YE events in Fallon, Hawthorne, Winnemucca and Elko. Let’s get one or two dates on the calendar for 2015. This may help drive membership as well.

We’re also looking at doing more flyins… Dennis and Tracy recently went to Bridgeport.  Let’s explore doing a joint venture with Truckee. Note that there is a 6 month trial membership on the EAA National website.  Talk to friends that may have come in the past but who we haven’t seen lately that we’d love to see them again.

Fundraising needs to be another focus as we have now completed the electrical wiring project and final payments were made.  It has taken a significant amount of our funds to make that happen so we need additional fundraising to make our coffers full again.  Dues are $24.00 per year and are now due. Please get your payment to Larry ASAP.

We will still partner with RSVP this year to help man(woman) the beer booth at their fairs and still have the weekly lunches and monthly pancake breakfasts but there is a need for more, larger hit opportunities.  The RENO Air races will be an opportunity as well.

The board has approved hosting a hangar dance to coincide with the CC Airport Open House this June and this will be a fundraiser for EAA 403.  It will feature dinner, dancing to a live band and a silent auction.  If you’d like to be a part of the committee putting this on, please let Mike R. or Dennis K. know.

We also want to explore opportunities to invite in other local pilots. Things like the AOPA Safety Seminar held at the Atlantis recently.  Builder nights where we’d buy pizza and get others in to focus on someone’s issue.

Hal suggested creating the chapter’s history and putting it on a DVD.

Steve Silva suggested having monthly programs again after our potluck and general group meeting. He suggested topics such as stress management, winter survival, land navigation, etc.

Challenge Learning Center at Sparks High School… team building using their simulator to fly a mission…corporate training?

Support of Air Races as they may not be there in 2 years. Event struggling as are other big local events.

We do YE program well but it could be better. While we flew many kids in 2014, did we maintain contact with them for repeat flights?  Follow up with their parents to invite to pancake breakfast the next week? Do we have the records to make a contact list?  Action item to speak with Michelle about this to Tannis. Jackson and Stefan are great ambassadors for the YE program…how do we attract more like them.  Someone brought up their son AJ who has a career in aviation due to mentorship of previous members.

We need involvement for adult non-pilots… the idea of flyouts after YE mornings for lunch was floated. Also interest in seeing what it takes to have a Grey Eagles program as the requirements and insurance is different.

A suggestion by John was that he belongs to more than one club but the growing one spends little time on business and more on informational programs.

Dennis brought up that we also have 3 different groups that don’t necessarily interact. The Sat donut guys rarely attend the Wed meeting and the Thurs lunch group is another. How do we bring everyone together?

The idea of creating a short survey was brought up…what would current and recent past members like to see? Did something drive them away?

Chris Causey asked if we could do a fly/drive event with a local car club like the British Car Owners club in Reno. He’ll ask them if they would be interested before they fill their meeting schedule.

Getting our message out is key!  The website is definitely in need of rework to make it easier to add content and use it as a living tool. Tracy is looking at the possibilities and will report back next meeting. Our events need more promotion… Tannis is taking up the challenge to get YE events and pancake breakfasts up on many local free calendars and signage made for the street in front of the airport. We’re already on the Stead Airport calendars for the year. We’d also like to create a business card and simple brochure that can be used when you recruit new members!

We also need to establish a relationship with NDOTs State Aviation Officer.

Upcoming Events…

Mike R is planning to fly CC leaders like Mayor Bob and others through the CC Leadership Class he’s in. More to come on this as he’ll need additional pilots that day.

March 21   A group of kids from Reno are coming down for YE.


Minutes prepared by Tannis Causey, Secretary