EAA Board Meeting Minutes April 27, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by Mike Reynolds, Vice President at EAA chapter room. All members in attendance except Dennis Koehl, President

Report out of 4/9/2015  Leadership Flyover of Carson City . Mike reported that there were multiple opportunities for press coverage of the event, leading to recognition for our EAA chapter and the Young Eagle program.  Aerial photos for scavenger hunt were well received and the raffle for a dinner gift certificate was given out.  Tannis asked to use the photos as a display for the Open House and have people guess them for a prize.

Item – Charity Flights at CCAOH

Tim Rowe stopped by to ask about EAA offering paid for flights at the Open House. He was at the Calaveras Cty event and thought that we could make some good money by offering them. Their cost was $10 for adults and $5 for kids.  Discussion went back on forth about safety of flying people during the event ( Tim assured us that the problems of last year would be managed), and stretching the available chapter members too thin with all the other events EAA is involved in during the OPEN House. The Board agreed to take it into consideration and have a response for him).  Some confusion over what minimum standards are for participating pilots… 500 hours, current medical, what else?  Check with NDOT  Larry Cheep ( Sp?).  Further comments on when we could do flights if not at the Open House – Sunday June 21st was discussed beginning at 9 am, with pricing at $20 adult fare  and $10 for kids. Mike believes we’ll need 4 pilots and he can help after parachute jump is completed.

Item-  Mike Fritz Invoice.

Approximately $1300 left to pay.  A motion was made to split this into 4 payments with the initial payment being made May 1.  Approved by Tracy, seconded by Larry.

Item- Ford Trimotor Visit

June 11-14th    Info packet with posters, etc. coming.  Sponsorships are being handled by Dennis with help from Tannis but all members will need to help with getting the word out and posters around the area.

Item – Hangar Sites

Rent on dirt for project was not necessarily in play when this originally was discussed and voted on. Rent cost to us is $400/ year/site which ended with the contract in May 2014. As we did not execute on the development of the land in the 2 years allowed,  we may owe the $3200 but Dennis is working with the legal group that contacted us( has sent them what they asked for) and we may be able to walk away financially clean OR be able to add it to the cost of our improvements to bring electricity to the hangars.  A separate meeting will be set to discuss this situation, time and date TBD.

Item – Reno Air Races volunteer support

We have been offered a flat stipend of $3000 for our help at the 2015 Air Races and it does not need to cover any large meal for the volunteers, as Mike was concerned about this.  In the past, Bob and Carol and others have essentially moved to the Stead Airfield for the week but we do not have this resource this year.  We do need to try to help Donna Silva out with a security gate coordinator like Carol has been in the past but we’ll need to speak with her to find out exactly what she needs and when.  To start with, we need to arrange to take all our EAA folding tables and chairs up to the event and plan for their return.  Second, we need to verify her need for gate volunteers, presently at 50 /day, staggered. They will provide passes and swag as in the past once a volunteer has met a minimum number of hours.

Item – CCAOH

Hangar Dance 7 pm   $25 per couple or $15 for a single ticket.  Mike still working on getting the final approvals for the hangar usage.  Tannis to come up with a Plan B for a stage if Cinderlite trailer is too hard to get into the hangar. She will contact Brewery Art Center to see if Black Box segmented stage can be used.  RSVP is on board for selling beer and cocktails. Question was raised about providing money back to  EAA and thoughts were that since RSVP was taking all the risk, they should not be asked to donate back but if the event was successful, a donation might be made. Also need to keep clear of EAA rules about alcohol at their sponsored events.

Item –  Lunch Service

Motion made to increase the amount we charge for lunches and pancake breakfasts to $6 per person beginning June 1, and make a 30 day notice to the General Membership at the next meeting. Motion was approved by Chris and seconded by Mike R.

Larry brought up the suggestion of finding someone to take over preparing, shopping and cooking Thursday lunches as a way to increase our outreach. He would like to place an ad on Craigs List to find someone to partner with us for a share of the profits.   Further discussion was to add pancake breakfasts to that mix and Tannis was against us giving up all ties to our food service and was concerned about our status with the Health Dept if we are essentially paying someone to cook for us.  Larry will take the action item to create the ad then see if we get any takers.

Item – Website

Tracy gave us a short update on the site and let us know there were a couple of roles that needed to be filled.  Membership chair and to create an online store for the site.  Tannis offered to set up the store but wanted to look at the Bylaws as it was stated the Secretary was automatically the Membership chair.  Plan to discuss at next meeting when Dennis is back.

Our router was disabled at the chapter house by Bob when he tried to fix it. What plans are being made to replace/ fix it?

Meeting adjourned by Mike Reynolds at 7:35 pm.  Minutes respectfully submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary.