EAA General Meeting Minutes April 1, 2015

1 April 2015


Meeting called to order at 6:50 PM by President Dennis Koehl

17 individuals in attendance


Regular meeting minutes as taken in the Chapter’s meeting room, Carson City Airport


Treasurer’s Report

Larry Grant’s treasurer’s report ended March 31, 2015


General Account      $5,291.45

Young Eagles            2, 034.32

PayPal (Bank)                  50.38

PayPal (PP)                    218.32


Approval of regular meeting minutes

February 4, 2015 minutes and March 4, 2015 minutes

Motions made by Kay W and seconded by Tracy R

Motions passed.


Times for Potluck, General Meeting and Program

Bob D brought to the members’ attention the discrepancies as to the starting times for our events—potluck, meeting & program–associated with the first Wednesday of each month.  In order to avoid embarrassment, hurt feelings and confusion, he recommended that established and consistent times be advertised on the Chapter’s website, the calendar, e-mails, etc.


There was some concern as to what would happen if the general business meeting ran past 7:00 PM and we had an invited speaker.  The solution was simply to “stop” the business portion and resume any discussions and votes after the program.


Wendell P made a motion which was seconded by Dori G to have the potlucks begin at 6:00 PM; the business portion of the regular chapter meetings would begin at 6:40 PM; and the program, which often features a speaker, would begin at 7:00 PM.

Motion passed.



The Chapter’s revamped website is active.


Wendell inquired as to what was “wrong” with the old website.  Dennis and Tracy explained that it was challenging to maintain and or update.  Also the new website is more secure and there are certain features that only paid members will enjoy access to.  Eventually the new website will be more user friendly.  “It just takes a bit of time to get use to as well as work out the kinks.”  Webmaster Tracy stated that the weather link is on the first page!  Gary F expressed concern about the website being launched before every detail was worked out.   The pros outweighed the cons; for example, hopefully members who have not paid their dues may be so motivated.


Tracy also revealed that there are two tiers of users:  paid members have access to all features including the eventual up-to-date membership roster (names; phone numbers; e-mail addresses, etc.) and those individuals who simply register at our website will have limited access.  Tracy is closely monitoring the site as there were 35 spams just on the first day of activity.  Bob recommended that the member’s log-in be moved to the top of the page.  A few members wanted additional directions pertaining to the site’s photographs.  Bob shared that members who use the Internet a lot might forward their suggestions or comments directly to Tracy.


Tracy stated that PayPal is not on our website yet.  Also he closely checks the online registrations so that the website is not infected by spam.


Food Committee

Because Carol and Bob are traveling for several months beginning May 1, arrangements must be made regarding Saturday’s pancake breakfasts, Thursday luncheons, and similar food-oriented occasions.  Earlier Bob had proposed that members bring a crock-pot type meal such as spaghetti, chili, sloppy joes, or pulled pork.


Dennis asked if Kay and or Sandra were interested in chairing a food committee. The chair(s) would manage the sign-ups as well as ensure the purchase of food and necessary supplies.  These two dedicated members declined his invitation.


Ford Tri-Motor

The Ford Tri-Motor event will require a minimum of four (and possibly seven) days with eight shifts of volunteers.  Local Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol organizations have been approached to participate.  Additionally, a minimum of $4,000 in cash or in-kind donations is required to secure the Tri-Motor.  On that Thursday the media will go up in the air!


Mother’s Day

Mike R said that RSVP is once again selling beer at Mills Park in Carson on Sunday, May 10th.  So our membership is needed to assist in beer sales.


Civil Air Patrol

Gary F disclosed that the Civil Air Patrol is attempting to become active in our area.  We are encouraged to contact Connie through Mike R.


Renewing Our Builders Club

Bob D spoke about the awesome work of Ron Sutton who was instrumental in our Builders Club.  Bob is dismayed that photographs are no longer being shared amongst our own members regarding their projects.  Bob would LOVE to see more publicity for such projects!  For example, Jim, Gary and Bob know about Larry’s plane but who else knows?  Such publicity might encourage inspire non-members to consider participating in our Chapter’s meetings, events and programs.


Tim R asked why the chapter isn’t a builders club!  Since we are an experimental aircraft group, why aren’t we more into building?  He himself is NOT a builder, but Tim thoroughly enjoys such projects.  Also more young people would take part in or observe.  Tim advised us to begin slowly…   Also we could look at vintage planes and their restoration.


Larry reminded everyone present that Gary’s project is in the back room.  After his current employment  concludes, Gary will resume the plane in two Saturdays!  Bob thought that maybe having two adults assist Larry would facilitate “staying on track”.  However, Larry would remain as project manager, even when he is away.  Two other adults have moved away from the project so Gary has been doing it all by himself.  Bob gently encouraged other members to volunteer on Saturdays.  Gary wondered if the project couldn’t be brought out into the general meeting room where there is more space.  On that same day the project would be returned to the back room.




Carol made a motion which was seconded by Wendell to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM by President Dennis Koehl


Minutes prepared and respectfully submitted by Member Shar Murphy for Tannis Causey, Secretary