EAA General Meeting Minutes March 4, 2015

Called to Order at 6:40 pm by Dennis Koehl, President

Young Eagle Report  

Michelle reported that we flew 32 kids in Feb. and our next event is on March 14th.  A request was made to revamp the pilot briefing during the time the kids are receiving their briefing inside the terminal with weather and landing location /radio procedures to be covered. Wendell Pea will be the lead on this with Mike R backing him up.

Upcoming dates… March 21st  School group from Reno   April 11th Girl Scout Troop

A request was made for a patch to commemorate the Girl Scout visit. Dennis found one on the EAA website that was a pin for under $3 each. A second request was to rebid our shirt stock as adults are asking for Tshirts for a more reasonable price that the polos offered so we will investigate that option as well as the potential for a cheaper tee that would say something like “ I just took my first flight as an eagle “ or something like it.

Charity Flights

To be able to provide charity flights, a current license and 500 hours logged are required. The is board is still considering whether this is something the chapter should consider as they are not designed to be a scenic flight but more a gateway into learning to fly.  More to come on this as we investigate insurance and appetite of the audience to participate.

Thursday Lunches

Bob and Carol have been cooking but plan to leave on May 1st. In order for us to continue these each week,  members are needed to take over these dates. The time commitment is approximately 10:30 am to 1 pm. Hamburgers do not have to be the only choice so the menu opportunities can be expanded.

Reno Stead Airport 

Tuesday, May 10th  5:15 in New Terminal  no cost to attend  Wayne Adams will be speaking. He’s the winner of the initial Reno Air Raace in 1964 and will speak on his exploits as an Air Force pilot,ski racer, boat racer and much else.

RSVP Carnival Beer Booth

Tannis is once again looking for EAA support in helping with selling beer on May 7-10th, watch for a sign up sheet at the April meeting and on the website after it. The EAA will share in the profits of the sales so pray for a warm weekend with lots of folks buying beer.

Chapter Website

The new reface is ready to roll out, Tracy will be setting up some trainings for members who will have a login to be able to upload content.


Mike Fritz has located a printer /copier for the chapter but it comes with a proviso that we would need to purchase a service contract of between $200 and $300. The chapter members were polled and decided that we do not have the cash flow to afford a contract of that amount. Thanks to Mike for investigating the matter although we decline it at this time.

Aviol Maintenance Seminar  is at Atlantis Casino in Reno March 20th -21st  $25.00 to attend

April 11th – Sterling Aero hosting a “Rusty Pilots under 70” seminar at the EAA chapter building from 10 to 1 pm following Young Eagle flights. This equals the ground portion of recertification.  Donut crew will need to be shortened that day to allow this meeting to be held. Fair Warning!

CC Airport Open House Plans for multiple chapter –led events are being made. These are:

  1. Pancake Breakfast – Larry
  2. Ground Bound rides – Garry
  3. Young Eagle signups/ chapter table – Tannis
  4. Hangar dance – Mike/ Dennis
  5. Judge planes – Owner TBD ( 3 volunteers? Expect to be done by 1 pm, winners announced shortly after)
  6. Security/ parking/ other airport needs

Mark your calendar for Sat., June 20th . There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer and each event owner is preparing their plan, budget and needs. Watch for further requests and info as we get closer.

AOPA Regional Meeting in Salinas

Saturday, May 15 and Sunday the 16th  Get hotel rooms now as they book up.   Dennis suggested not to fly into Salinas but into Marina airport instead. There is a Best Western there.

Hangar Power project update

11 have paid, 3 have actually completed the power hook up but approx. 20  people are outstanding with a potential $2500 payment to the chapter when done. Board to consider when to next contact hangar owners to see if anyone is ready to make the commitment to power.

Meeting Times

Bob Dickenson brought up confusion about meeting times and locations and wanted to make 3 motions. The first one was to make sure chapter meetings are held at the EAA building. Dennis noted that this has been spelled out in the existing bylaws so a motion was not necessary. Bob also brought up about timing. Per Dennis, now that we are planning to have speakers each month, it’s important to make sure we stay on time.



March 4, 2015      page 3

Potluck will begin at 6 pm, Chapter meeting to begin at 6:40 pm, with our speaker starting at 7 pm.

Make sure that the speaker information for each meeting will be on the website 2 weeks prior to the event.

Board meetings locations may still be shifted between South Reno and Carson City, but location information will be disclosed on the website for any chapter members who would like to attend. Date and times may change with the same amount of notice to coordinate availability of board members if needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm to introduce our speaker, Chris Demarco from Reno Airport Traffic Control.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary.