EAA General Meeting Minutes May 6, 2015

Called to Order at 6:45 pm by Dennis Koehl, President

Introduction of Guests –  Paul from England, guest of Michelle and Bret Bellard       Zack from the Boy Scouts ( will make a presentation later in the meeting)

Young Eagle Report  

Michelle invites everyone to join us for our next YE flight day on this coming Sat. She also brought up the fact that we received monetary credits of $5.00 for all YE flights once a pilot has flown 10 or more kids. These credits have been used for many uses in the YE program, most notably to send kids to YE Camp at Oshkosh. Michelle proposed an essay contest to select a candidate for 2016, for kids 12-17 (6-12th grade) and suggested that we try to promote diversity by having it for girls. There was much discussion of means to create a point system to reward minority or female participants as our previous winners have always been boys. There was a vote taken (and passed) by the attendees to support the idea of an essay contest as a general idea but later conversation will need to be made to determine rules for submissions and content topics.  Discussion also followed on how to promote this idea through STEM teachers in the local area we serve.

Ford Tri-Motor Visit

Dennis received the media pack and invited all members to take some of the posters and help the chapter promote the event. They will be in Carson City on the weekend prior to the CC Airport Open House, June 11th -14th . There are multiple flight opportunities each day. To sign up for a spot, please book online at www.eaa.org. Look for Flight Experiences and choose the Ford Tri-Motor. Our dates run 2-5 pm on Thursday, and 9-5 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Prebooking online or by phone saves you $5.00!

Food Service

The ad on CraigsList looking for someone to partner with us to cook our Thursday lunches is running  and we have been approached by one woman. Larry will cook this week’s lunch and she will join him to see what we do. Dennis also floated the idea of having different food trucks visit a couple of times a week or month to increase our potential revenue and outreach for local airport workers. Next pancake breakfast will be Sat., May 16th.

General Fund

Larry reports that our basic cost to operate this EAA chapter building is $700. This may be news to many reading these notes but please do all you can to help us keep costs down. In order to help offset these costs, Larry announced that the Board had voted to increase the price of Thursday lunches and pancake breakfasts from $5.00 to $6.00 beginning June 1st, 2015.

Motion to Approve Financial Report for April 2015 – Motion made by Mike R., seconded by Bob.

Motion to Approve Minutes for April 2015 – Motion made by Bob D., seconded by Tracy.

Clarification of Hangar leases requested by Bob D. There were 2 different leases created- one with a clause concerning the $400 rental, and one without it. It involved making the hangars Class 2 FBO rated to complete the build and Bob feels the contract is null and void due to us not completing the work before the agreement expired in March 2014.  Deloreto Long gave the property back to the CC Airport Authority.

CCAOH Charity Flights

To be able to provide charity flights, a current license and 500 hours logged are required. Bob D and Mike got into a heated discussion with adding this to the slate of things EAA 403 is going to manage for June 20th. Bob has offered to take this on completely and will be solely responsible for recruiting pilots, taking care of getting their qualifications to the FAA and managing the sign ups and waivers at the event.

Reno Air Races Volunteer Program

Donna needs to get a volunteer to fill the role Carol has done in the past, mainly shadowing her and making phone calls in advance. Dennis is our official contact with Donna for the event – please work through him to make sure he knows what we are offering and to keep a single point of contact. Gary has volunteered to help drive up the tables and chairs that we loan to them for their volunteer tent. Michelle can help her with some of Carol’s previous duties and will email Donna to offer her services.

Cub Scout Day

Alicia Hill has approached us for help with her Cub Scout Day Camp June 17-19th. The theme is aeronautical based and she’s looking for folks who can volunteer for 1 or 3 days to help present to the group of campers (approx. 200) after their lunch. Watch for an email with more info from Dennis and see him if you’re interested in learning more.

Introduction of Zack Simms, Life Scout moving towards Eagle Scout.  Zack is leading an airport runway clean up at the CC airport as his project that benefits the community. Scheduled for Sat., May 16th from 9 am to Noon. If you are interested in helping, bring gloves and wear closed-toe shoes and meet at the terminal building. All other items will be provided.

Next Board meeting will be on Tuesday, May 26th to accommodate Memorial Day on Monday, our regularly scheduled meeting day.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm to allow the movie to be played.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary.