General Meeting Minutes EAA 403 August 5, 2015


Called to Order at 6:43 pm by Dennis Koehl, President    All board members except Tracy are in attendance.

Item – Introduction of Cathy Beach, new Treasurer

Item – Approval of meeting minutes from July 1. Approved by Hal, seconded by Michelle.

Item – Financial Report by Larry Grant “ Monies Wasted by Chapter on Failed and Ill Advised Projects:”

Prior to the meeting start, Larry circulated a multi-page financial accounting of 3 projects that had been approved and pursued by past EAA Boards in the past few years. Dennis thanked Larry for his time and diligence in putting together this accounting as many people are new to the chapter and were not privy to what had happened in the past. He then asked Larry what he hoped to accomplish by presenting this at the meeting and Larry’s response was that the chapter felt that decisions had been made that they were not made aware of and since we had lost so much money on these 3 projects, a review was needed. Dennis agreed that this was an unfortunate situation but the current board was not in place when these things happened and those in charge at the time felt that these projects had the potential to create long term revenue for the chapter which was not born out. He also stated that no one expected the cost overruns that were experienced, and moving forward was chosen as the way to proceed as a half done project would not have the value it has today. Dennis stated that Bob D had told him that the Aviation Center was too rich a design plan for our needs and that is was not a good use of funds and that we expected more interest in the hangar electric so that we would have recouped more of our cost by now. Bret B asked if anyone from the chapter profited from the projects as that is being seen as a large conflict of interest for a non-profit. While there have been payments made to Bob D, it was stated that these were payments for money loaned by he and Carol to float work at the time. Larry G asked why the projects weren’t stopped mid-way to avoid such a loss of money and if the chapter at large had a chance to vote on stopping it. Mike R countered on the use a of a member to provide work with the need to save money at the time made Mike Fritz’s lowest bid the one they went with. Brett’s position is that he should not have even been involved in the bidding to keep it free of the appearance of impropriety. A question was asked if this was in our bylaws. Hal suggested that a financial oversight committee be created for any new projects and that we follow Robert’s Rules of Order. He offered suggestions on best practices for future chapter management using committees.

The discussion became very heated between Gary, Larry and Dennis as he asked what the group expected us to be able to do at this time, since the money has long since been spent and ended with Dennis handing his keys and bank card for EAA to the next ranking Board Member, Vice President Mike Reynolds as he tendered his resignation as President and walked out.


As ranking board member and now acting President, Mike R will set a supplementary meeting for the current board to reconvene and make plans on how to move forward. Notification will be made to the chapter at large by email and website posting.



Larry is taking the cause of updating our bylaws by forming a committee with Tim Rowe and Gary Follette.


Mike R is now chairing the meeting with Tannis’ help on some agenda items.


EAA General Meeting                                                       August 5, 2015 page 2


Item- Reno Air Races


There is a sign up sheet circulating but your best bet is to contact Donna directly at 846-6226 or . We will not have our tables and chairs on Sept 12 as they will already be up in Stead so NO pancake breakfast on Sept 12!

Item – B17 Aluminum Overcast

Tuesday, September 22nd. We will be approaching businesses in town to purchase a ticket that can be given to a veteran or other deserving person for a ride on the plane. If the weather is too warm and we can’t fly, they will be able to get a refund through EAA National.

Item – Holiday Party

Quotes are being requested from several locations around town for the event. Michelle asked that a party committee be set up to explore the possibilities including a potluck or catered event at a location such as the airport terminal or other hall. Tim Rowe made sure we knew that he cannot authorize the use of the facility without our going before the airport authority. A suggestion was made to add the Plaza to the quotes being requested. Tannis took the action item to solicit help from other chapter members to join a committee.

Item – Address Change for CCA Hangars

Tim Rowe stated that there will be a change coming to all addresses on the CC Airport property, driven by Emergency Services and to comply with municipal code. He says that there are currently multiple hangars with the same numbers, making call outs for fire and paramedics dangerous. This will be a cost to comply with so he’s looking to push cost away from the airport back to the City or ? The meeting will be at 1 pm on August 13 at the terminal building.

Item – Combining Pancake Breakfasts with YE Events

Apparently this has been tried in the past and was not well received. It caused confusion with keeping the kids in one place, delayed them getting into the planes and it was requested we not try it again. One thought was to have coffee, juice and donuts in the terminal for donation/purchase. Michelle was invited to join future board meetings as the coordinator for YEs, a non-voting position but very important to the success of the chapter.

Item – YE Update

As of end of July we have flown 155 kids. Great job everyone on the team that comes out to do this each month! Michelle has created the advertisement for the Essay contest discussed at an earlier meeting and approved by the Board and Chapter. Essays are due October 1st and we’ll be spending between $900 and $1200 of the money we receive for YEs from EAA National to send one child, depending on their age. Parent’s travel is their responsibility.

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm  Motion to adjourn Chris C. , seconded by Hal D. Next general chapter meeting is Tues., Sept 8 to accommodate guest speakers Bob Dickenson and Mike Fritz and a discussion of expenditures related to hangar electric, hangar build and EAA Aviation center. Minutes prepared and submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary.