General Meeting Minutes EAA 403 July 1, 2015

Called to Order at 6:45 pm by Dennis Koehl, President

Announcement –    Dennis extends a hearty thank you to everyone that came out and participated at the CCAOH on June 20th. It was great to see so many people out to support our chapter and especially to Paul for pitching in with the Ground Bound and Chris Causey for taking on the paperwork to make sure the folks looking for plane rides with Bob Dickenson and Ken Kopec, were processed quickly and correctly. It looks like the chapter will see somewhere around $1500 of profit for all activities provided that day. Great teamwork and it was a great day for local aviation.

Announcement – Eileen, a rusty pilot, is joining us tonight. We met her at the CCAOH and hope to see her join us again in the future!

Presentation of Memory Board

During the Ford Tri-motor visit earlier this month, we met Bill Stodick, a former member who stopped by to see the plane. He mentioned having some info on Hazel Kohn, one of EAA 403’s founding members and his interest in bringing it back to the chapter for display. He was here tonight and told us some of the stories Hazel had told about her ferrying bombers during the war and other early aviation. We’ll get a frame for the poster he has and have it permanently added to the wall in the coming days.

Ford Tri-Motor Visit

While we didn’t get the $4000 in cash sponsorship we had hoped for, EAA National is considering our Tri-motor visit a success for a small community like ours. Although we were delayed in starting due to a 100 hour service that was needed following its time in Lincoln, CA, we were able to assist with that service and still provide approx. 150 rides between Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. Dennis has spoken to the HQ team and they will be sending us a check for around $800 for our share of the merchandise purchased online as well as a donation per paid seat. NOTE: a check was received for $803.50 on 8/1 and these minutes were updated to reflect this.

B17 Aluminum Overcast

Based on our success with the Tri-Motor, EAA National has sked if we would like to host the plane for a one-day visit on Tuesday September 22nd. They will do the targeted marketing for the visit as the tickets for a ride are much more expensive. They target veterans groups, high level executives and other groups who are in their database. We will be preparing a press release to invite local media and government representatives as well. More to come on this but start talking it up to your personal network circles.

Jackson Bellard

While he’ll be doing a more expansive presentation at next month’s meeting, Jackson wanted to thank the chapter for sending he and Michelle back to the Oshkosh summer camp. He’s excited about the number of firsts that it provided – flying in and out of a towered airport, not flying in a known area and so much more. It gave him a boost of confidence and we’ll hear the full report in August.


EAA MEETING 7/1/2015

RSVP July 4th Beer Booth

Thanks to the people that have signed up to help us with manning the booth during the weekend. There are still a couple of spots open on July 4th itself so let Tannis know if you can help!

Next meeting is Wednesday August 5th 6 pm for Potluck. 6:45 pm (approx.) for Guest speakers, Jackson Bellard (15 mins) and Donna & Steve Silva (RAR volunteer needs).

Meeting adjourned 7:05 pm for movie night, Spirit of St Louis

Minutes prepared and submitted by Tannis Causey, Secretary.