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John Grub 1933-2016

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Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

The B17 Aluminum Overcast

The B17 Aluminum Overcast visited Carson City Airport and was sponsored by the EAA403. It was quit a sight, giving rides and tours. The plane arrived around 3 PM on Monday September 21. Early Tuesday morning, Channel 11 news in Reno, had us on the news at 7:00, 7:30 and 8:00 AM promoting the event, and then also on later during the day. Tuesday mid morning the plane gave rides and then was open for tours in the afternoon. It took up one last group of riders Wednesday morning before leaving for Hayward with six EAA403 volunteers on board. They said it was quit an experience.

It was the many EAA403 volunteers that made this event the best possible.


EAA403 Ground Bound gives rides at the Carson City open house