Using This Site

This website, while primarily for use by Chapter 403 members, is open to the public and the Chapter encourages everyone to use it to it’s fullest utility. Not being a Chapter member restricts access to a few of the pages, which are made available to members only. There are only two levels of participation: members and non-members. Registration on this website can be done independent of the webmaster or in conjunction with the webmaster. One can register on their own and notify the webmaster that they need “member” access, if that is, indeed, the case. Alternatively one can notify the webmaster that they are a new member and wish to be registered and they will be put into the system manually and assigned user names and passwords requested by the registrant.

Therefore: new chapter “members” can register on their own or they can contact the webmaster at to begin the process to have their user account established and therefore gain access to all of the website.