Young Eagles – The Latest

Young Eagles flights are flown every-other-month at the Carson City Airport, with the known modification that the September flights are pushed to October because of the Reno air races.  The scheduled months are Jan-Mar-May-Jul-Oct-Nov.  We will fly on the second Saturday of the month.   Poor weather conditions or poor visibility can result in a canceled event and, when that happens, the canceled event will be rescheduled to the second Saturday of the next month.  Accordingly, cancellation of an event will lead to back-to-back Y.E. monthly events for two months until the events get back on schedule.  In the event that the October event is canceled, that event shall be lost forever and will not be made up.

The next regularly scheduled Y.E. event is July 13, 2019.  Throughout the year, one can check this web page or our Home page for notice of the next event.

EMAIL TO ALL CONCERNED:  Timely reminders and last minute updates are communicated directly to all that are on the “distribution list” by the following dedicated email account:  To be added to the distribution list, just send an email to this email address with the word “Add” in the subject line.  If you want to be removed from the distribution list, send an email to this address with the word “Remove” in the subject line.

Specific questions about Young Eagles should also be directed to the above email address and we’ll all have a better chance of getting the question and responding with an answer if the subject line gives us a hint as to what the question is.